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A day in the life of a flower picker

Some people hold the idea that working on a flower Nursery picking flowers is in some way idyllic, a lovely way in which to spend your day. They’ve clearly never worked on a flower Nursery picking flowers. Yesterday our staff started

New Alstromeria colours coming into production

It feels like an eternity but finally our house of new Alstromeria colours has started flowering. We first started removing the old crop back in January, then after getting the house cleaned and sterilized and after some delays we got

View from the Nursery

There’s always plenty to see on a British Flower Farm when Spring kicks in so this morning I picked up my camera and went for a jaunt around the nursery. Thursday starts off with Alstromeria picking, being in heated greenhouses the Alstro has

A British flower farm in April

This weekend we visited our friend Adrian who grows a vast range of British flowers exclusively for us. April is an exciting time for me because there is so much happening on British flower farms. But that also means a

British Delphinium season has started!

The British Delphinium season has started at last. Despite the inclement weather we’ve endured so far this year we’ve finally got our Delphinium season under way with the first picking of last years plants. This year two Hybrid crop has

New crops are here at last!!

Finally our new crops arrived today! Acconitum, Erigeron, Eryngium, Kniphofia & 8 new colourful varieties of Phlox. It doesn’t look like much when you look at the boxes but each one contains loads of beautiful little plants which my dad

The best place to buy British Flowers

The Best place to buy British Flowers. If you’re looking for locally grown British Flowers then look no further than here in sunny Cornwall. There has not been such a high interest in locally grown flowers for more than 20

Ranunculus are coming!!

They are coming!! We’ve had 5 days straight of beautiful sunshine here with temperatures topping 20 degrees in the greenhouses. Its still chilly in the wind and we had a frost here this morning but the Ranunculus are protected from

The fall & rise of the British flower industry?

The Fall and Rise of the British flower industry? There is a generation of florists in the Uk who have grown up believing that the flower world begins and ends in Holland. But this hasn’t always been the case. My

Steam sterilizing the greenhouses

This week we’ve been getting on with the Steam Sterilization programme. Before we can get this seasons new crops into the ground we have to clean the soil to make sure that it is free from weeds and disease. We

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