Flower Meanings

The history of the meaning of flowers dates back at least as far as 1600 where William Shakespeare wrote “There’s Rosemary, that’s for Remembrance” in the play ‘Hamlet’. By the early 1800’s The Language of Flowers where people would use flowers as a coded message to convey their feelings and desirers was fully developed. It spread world wide by the 1830’s

Some flowers have more than one meaning though their colour like with Roses, Carnations & Chrysanthemums.

Although mostly forgotten today some flower meanings are still used, the most prominent is at Valentines where a Red Rose symbolises Love & Passion.

Below is a list of flower meanings for some of the flowers we grow and the more commonly used wedding flowers.

Alstroemeria ~ Aspiring.

Amaryllis ~ Dramatic.

Anemone ~ Fragile.

Aster ~ Contentment.

Calla Lily ~ Regal.

Carnation Red ~ Flashy.

White ~ Remembrance.

Pink ~ Gratitude.

Striped ~ Refusal.

Chrysanthemums Red ~ Sharing.

White ~ Truth.

Bronze ~ Excitement.

Yellow ~ Secret Admirer.

Cornflower ~ Anticipation.

Daffodil ~ Chivalry.

Delphinium ~ Boldness.

Freesia ~ Spirited.

Forget-Me-Not ~ Remember me forever.

Gladioli ~ Strength of Character.

Gyp ~ Festivity.

Hyacinth ~ Sincerity.

Hydrangea ~ Perseverance.

Iris ~ Inspiration.

Ivy ~ Fidelity.

Larkspur ~ Beautiful Spirit.

Lavender ~ Distrust.

Lilac (Syringa) Lilac ~ First Love.

Lilac (Syringa) White ~ Youthful Innocence.

Lily White ~ Purity / Majesty.

Lily Stargazer ~ Ambition.

Lily of the Valley ~ Return of Happiness.

Lisianthus ~ Calming.

Mimosa ~ Sensitivity.

Nigella (love in a Mist) ~ Perplexity.

Orchid ~ Delicate Beauty.

Ornithogalum ~ Hope.

Peony ~ Bashfulness.

Phlox ~ United Hearts.

Polianthus Tuberosa ~ Pleasure.

Ranunculus ~ Radiant with Charms.

Rose Red ~ Passionate Love.

Pink ~ Friendship / Grace.

White ~ Purity.

Red & White ~ Unity.

Yellow ~ Zealous.

Rosemary ~ Remembrance.

Rudbeckia ~ Encouragement.

Snapdragon ~ Presumptuous.

Snowdrop ~ Hope.

Statice ~ Success.

Sunflower ~ Adoration.

Sweet Pea ~ Shyness.

Sweet William ~ Gallantry.

Tulip Red ~ Declaration of Love.

Pink ~ Caring.

White ~ Forgiveness.

Yellow ~ Hopelessly in Love.

Purple ~ Royalty

Veronica ~ Fidelity.

Zinnia ~ Thoughts of absent friends.