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The fall & rise of the British flower industry?

The Fall and Rise of the British flower industry? There is a generation of florists in the Uk who have grown up believing that the flower world begins and ends in Holland. But this hasn’t always been the case. My

Steam sterilizing the greenhouses

This week we’ve been getting on with the Steam Sterilization programme. Before we can get this seasons new crops into the ground we have to clean the soil to make sure that it is free from weeds and disease. We

Cheap Valentines Roses.

The last year or two several of my friends have asked me why we don’t sell Valentines roses as cheap as the supermarkets. I guess to anyone not in the flower industry a rose is a rose but there is

Our English Delphiniums are really starting to shoot.

It feels almost tropical here in Sunny Cornwall today, 11 degrees outside but warmer inside the greenhouses. The sudden change from the gloomy cloud, rain, cold and snow to sunny spells has already had an effect. The Delphinium house is springing into life

English Statice planted today.

Today Darrin & Vauhgan have been busy getting our Statice plants into the ground. Every plant has to be carefully planted the right distance apart to allow the roots to fill out and a healthy plant to grow. We’re very

Stocks & Antirrhinum planting underway.

Despite all of the bitter cold weather and the snow planting of our Spring and Summer flowers is well underway. By the end of today this greenhouse will be full of young Stock and Antirrhinum plants after the first bay was

South West Cutflower Growers meeting.

This week we attended the first South West Cutflower Growers meeting held at the rather beautiful ‘Corn Barn’ in Cullompton, mid Devon. The idea behind the meeting was to connect growers from across the South West in a bid rejuvenate

Ranunculus starting to grow.

Planted as corms at the end of October our new Ranunculus crop is really begining to grow. They should start flowering in March although i doubt they will make Mothers Day which is at the start fo the month on

Floristry Foam now stocked at BJ Richards Flowers.

Today we agreed a deal that will see us stocking florist foam. This addition completes the range of products we offer. Last year saw the beginning of our Dutch based webshop service which not only offers the very best in

October already!


Hard to believe its October already! Summer is such a busy time here it just flies by. Its been a bumper year for weddings, more people seem to be getting married and more florists have been using us for a