After a long hard summer, the News is back!

It might seem like an odd thing to say but it really is hard to keep the website updated during the summer flower season. A few moments here and there to type a few words shouldn’t be difficult but once things kick off here in the Spring there really are no spare moments.

Once the Nurseries spring into life we find ourselves working from dawn to dusk and before you know it the Summer is over and its a dim wet cold November day and you think to yourself ‘where did the time go?’

The winter storms earlier in the year made a lot of work for us clearing up the aftermath. So much so that we didn’t get the time to do all the work we should have done on our Nursery. We lost a percentage of production because of this but with every set back comes a lesson, we’ve learnt from ours and this Winter we plan to use our time wisely to rejuvenate our business ready for the 2015 British flower season. We plan to have more crops, new suppliers and an even better service.

And you can follow everything we have planned here on our news page and on our other multimedia pages






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