The first Signs of Life!

It was really encouraging seeing the first signs of life in the summer crops whilst out looking for storm damage this morning. Even though it has been one of the wettest and windiest winters in my lifetime it has also been fairly mild so far. We’re lucky to be tucked away in our little corner of the Tamar Valley which at times has its own little micro climate. Snow is a rarity and this year frosts have been too. This has the double bonus of saving us money on heating and giving life to some of the many crops we grow here.

In the pictures on the right you can see sprouting out of the ground the green shoots of some of these crops, the Peonies are the ones I’m most looking forward too. This is the first year we’ve grown them and although the plants are expensive to buy they are a very popular flower to sell especially for weddings. As you can see from these pictures we have a lot of work to do though. Once the weather turns and we get a little more sunshine and some sustained dry weather we can remove the weeds, lay the ground irrigation and mulch down the crops. Then we can hopefully look forward to another good year for British Flowers!

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