We courier flowers Nationwide

Over the past year or two we have been selling our British Flowers to florists all over the UK via a next day courier service. We have been slowly building a following of florists who want to stock and use just British flowers but we were recently asked if we could supply anything else.

Yes we can, as Wholesaler of the Year we carry a full range of flowers and foliage from all over the world. We carry foliage’s from Italy, France, Holland, Portugal, Israel as well as plenty from Central and South America.

We also bring in top grade Carnations from Colombia, Roses from Ecuador and a mountain of other flowers from Africa, Europe and Israel. So this week we very successfully ran a trial of adding a Foliage section and an Imported Flowers section to our weekly British Flowers email.

If you are a florist in England, Wales and the main part of Scotland we can get fresh flowers to you next day before noon, all you have to do is send your full name and address and contact details to paul@bjrichardsflowers.co.uk and ask to be on our weekly mailing list. Ordering is simple, just phone or email an order through with the date you want to receive your flowers and we will take care of the rest.

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