The Land where Time stood still.

Yes if you’ve been following our newsfeed this is the land where time stood still!!   Its been a while since we’ve updated things, 16 months actually, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!!!

In our last post we told you about a member of staff leaving, its taken all this time but this week we welcomed Kirk to the business as our newest employee. Its a good time to start in a job like this, January is a fairly quiet month on the nursery. At the moment we are cleaning up the greenhouses in readiness for all the new crops and tending to the crops that are still in the ground from last year.  Our only year round glasshouse crop Alstroemeria has been in need of a little love and attention for a little while now (much like my wife!) so hopefully that will be thinned later this week. Before that though we have several houses to get cleaned out, washed down and steam sterilized  before the next batch of plants arrived.

Last week Darrin and Steve got the first planting of Stocks & Snapdragons in the ground and we have another week before those plants arrive so its busy busy busy!

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